How to Make Birthday Video Song with Name and Photo

Birthdays are special occasions that bring joy and nostalgic touch to our lives. One good way to make your dears’ birthday more memorable is to Make Birthday Video Song with Name and Photos. This heartfelt gesture adds happiness to the celebration and shows your effort into making their day extra special. If you’re wondering How to Make Birthday Video Song with Name and Photo, here’s a complete guide to help you create a beautiful and loving gift.

The following steps will guide you to Make Birthday Video Song with Name and Photo and then you’ll be able to be called a great video maker.

Step 1: Images with Name

The very first thing you are required to create a Birthday Video Song with Name and Photo is your required Name Images. These Images will make your video according to the method given below. If you don’t have Birthday Images you are required, you can get all kinds of Birthday Images through the given links.

Birthday Images for Sibling

Birthday Images with English Name

Birthday Images with Hindi Name

Birthday Shayari

Birthday Images in Marathi Language

Step 2: Software\App or Online Tool

The second thing you need in creating a birthday video song with name and photo is to select a good kind of Video Making Software, Video Making App, or a Video Making Online Tool on your smartphone or your pc.

Step 3: Choose a Template

Video editing software and online tools mostly have a wide range of templates and themes to select from. These templates have different styles and layouts for video. Select a template according to your event and make your personalized video.

Step 4: Insert Photos

After finalizing the template or a theme for making a Birthday Video Song with Name and Photo you are insert your selected photos.

Step 5: Add Background Music

After completing the above step then you need to add a piece of background music according to your video theme. This will add up the color of beauty in your video to make it more attractive. You select a birthday song from given links and there you can get every kind of birthday song in different languages.

Birthday Song for Family

Birthday Songs for All Kinds

Birthday Song In English

Birthday Song in Hindi

Birthday Song in Punjabi

Birthday Song in Telugu

Birthday Song in Marathi

Birthday Song in Tamil

Birthday Song in Malayalam

Birthday Song in Korean

Step 6: Preview

When you have finalized the video with the name, photo, and background music, preview the final result. Make sure the text is properly aligned and readable, and the images are clear and well-placed. if you find any kind of ambiguity, you can make it clear before exporting the video.

Step 7: Export or Save the Video

When you’re satisfied with the video, then you are to just export and save it. Your Birthday Video Song with Name and Photo is ready. Once you saved, you can share the video via email, or social media platforms, or even show it at the event on a big screen as a gift.

In conclusion, creating a birthday video song with name and photo is a heartfelt gesture that adds a personal touch to any celebration and you'll feel calm. By following the steps outlined in this guide you'll be able to make your stunning video within a very short time. Hopefully, this guideline will be fruitful for you.


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